Pennies a Day

Call us CRAZY but we do not think you should have to pay a fortune for software to help you manage your work. The reason for our existence is to prove just how crazy we are. We cannot show you software that isn't available from other companies but we can show you software that is easy to use and costs just pennies a day for your entire staff.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Einstein said that was the definition of insanity. It's time to change the game. Our strategy is not to build a billion dollar business on the backs of your taxpayers. Our strategy is to deliver affordable and easy to use tools that do not require a line item in your annual budget. So take a few minutes to see what we have. There's no risk and we won't nag you for all of your personal information to see it.

Your Support System

The goal of our company is to develop software that will help you manage your assets and programs. Essentially, we work behind the scenes and act as your partner in success.

Best in class? Yeah all of our competitors make that claim for their software but they won't tell you what it costs before you get a lengthy demo. We think cost and ease of use are important parts of any best in class claim.

Peace of Mind